High scalability, availability and flexibility for your device and hybrid access technology network management
Askey AMP40 Cloud is composed of TR-069/TR-369 and NETCONF based management platform to provide Carrier-Grade device management services:
• Support TR-069/TR-369/NETCONF compliant devices, such as SmallCell, 5G FWA, Wi-Fi Router, Android TV Box, Phone Box, etc.
• Customizable and personal management interface for each user
• Extensible script module for implementing customer's proprietary features
• Scalable to manage over 100 millions sessions per day
• Zero-touch provisioning and OTA upgrade scheduling
• Real-time control and fault management


Key Features

  • Device Management
    • Conform TR-069 A6, TR-369(USP, User Services Platform), NETCONF
    • Support TR-098/014/106/110/131/135/140/142/143/154/157/181/196/262 Data Models
    • Support YANG Models
    • Support XMPP CRQ and MQTT MTP
    • Support NETCONF Call-Home
    • Support Specific Widgets for SmallCell/5G/Wi-Fi Services Monitoring
    • Support Grouping and Site Based Management
  • Configuration Management
    • Support Zero Touch Deployment
    • Support Init Provisioning and OTA Upgrade Scheduling
    • Support Group and Mass Provisioning
    • Support Software Module Management for Micro Services
    • Support Script for Advanced Control beyond Protocols
  • File and Log Management
    • Support Configuration and Software Files Management
    • Support Full Session/Transaction Logs

Key Features

  • Fault Management
    • Support Alarm Highlight on Map
    • Support Alarms and Historical Events Collection
    • Support Monitoring and Alerting via Email/SNMP Trap
  • Performance Management
    • Support System Performance Statistics
    • Support Device Performance Statistics
    • Support Device KPI Monitoring
    • Support Global Summary Report
  • Security Management
    • Support OKTA SSO(Single Sign-On)
    • Support Multi-Tenant and ACL Control
    • Support User Activities Tracking
    • Support 2-Way SSL Authentication and Whitelist Restriction
  • North-Bound Interface
    • Support Rich RESTful APIs and JSON
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