Askey Computer Corporation Statement

Askey Computer Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Askey”) is deeply confused and disappointed by the actions taken by the Askey Labor Union & Asus Group Labor Union (hereinafter referred to as “the Union”) today at the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

Since September 15th, Askey has held two formal mediation and communication meetings: with the Taoyuan City Government and the Union on October 3rd and with the MOL and the Union on October 20th. Based on the meeting minutes from October 20th, the MOL, the Union, and Askey have scheduled a third mediation meeting on November 10th to discuss the outstanding issues.

In response to the actions taken by the Union today, Askey issues the following statements:
  1. After gaining an in-depth understanding of our employees’ needs, Askey reached a consensus with the Union on October 23rd regarding the electricity and accommodation fees. We are committed to continuing our efforts to ensure that our employees receive more benefits and support.
  2. Askey has always regarded our employees as a crucial asset, and we respect and value their demands. Protecting the legal rights of our colleagues is a core principle for us, as is ensuring that all of our operations comply with the law. Taiwan has always been an important production base for Askey, and in recent years, due to the fluctuation of customer orders, we still paid our migrant workers a full salary even during the rolling adjustments of production capacity. We have never implemented no-pay leave for our migrant workers. Askey also hereby promises that if the company needs to make labor adjustments in the future due to changes in the industry, we will follow all relevant Taiwan laws and regulations.
  3. Although Askey is not a member of the RBA, it has always strictly abided by the relevant Taiwan government laws and regulations. On October 13th, in order to further show our commitment to our workers, we applied to the RBA for an audit. The RBA has not yet confirmed the specific audit arrangement and date. After completion of the audit, Askey will form a comprehensive plan based on the RBA’s recommendations so that we are able to better protect and improve the welfare of our employees.
The labor mediation between Askey and the Union is still in progress. Therefore, Askey will strictly abide by all relevant Taiwan laws and regulations, as well as seek guidance and assistance from the governmental authorities to better listen to the voice of our employees, and propose appropriate plans as needed. We call on the Union to likewise follow the applicable laws and refrain from any unlawful protest.

We look forward to creating a fair and equitable outcome for all parties.
Askey Computer Corp.