Askey Unleashes Your Connectivity by 5G NR Series Innovations at MWC Las Vegas 2022

Taipei, September 28, 2022 -- A wholly-owned subsidiary of ASUS Group, Netcom provider, Askey is revolutionizing a post-pandemic world with 5G innovation that meets the needs of a low-touch economy. Askey has displayed 5G NR series devices and solutions at MWC America 2022.

Revolutionizing 5G Series Solutions
Dubbed 5G NR Series, Askey’s approaches to promise an exceptional and super-fast wireless streaming experience with a cost-effective, intuitive, and versatile solution to be used in various devices. Combined with 5G FR1 and FR2, Askey 5G NR ODU provides extremely high throughput of DL and UL. It has not only outstanding reception of 5G mmWave signal and Sub 6 5G NR, but enables carriers and service providers to perform a wide array of high quality applications.

For home, Askey designs 5G NR CPE as a router and Wi-Fi 6/6E all-in-one device supporting outstanding Wi-Fi coverage. Featured with a Qualcomm Networking Pro 1200+ Snapdragon X55 5G Modem RF System, it achieves high-performance with easy installation and maintenance, a perfect device for connected home solutions.

To enhance network flexibility, mobility and scalability, Askey also provides portable 5G NR USB dongle to enable different equipment to access internet through 5G. By plug and play without setup and download software, it is handy to fulfill smooth 5G network architecture. Plus, Askey 5G Small Cell series are agile for intensive networking deployment, not only meeting the critical demand of carrier-grade outdoor connectivity, but suitable for versatile scenarios such as smart factory, smart office, smart agriculture and more.

Askey’s innovation solutions achieve top-tier functionality for device manufactures through premium manufacturing experience over 35 years. The solutions of Askey promise lower power consumption, and smaller form-factor devices for smart home, smart office, smart factories and more. We believe our solutions and look forward to working with industry partners to unveil more dynamic, life-changing solutions beyond MWC Las Vegas 2022. Askey’s exhibition at MWC USA 2022 will showcase the solutions in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) West Hall at Meeting Room W2.761 from September 28 to 30 of 2022.

About Askey
Founded in 1989, Askey Computer Corp. specializes in creating solutions and ecosystems for those who want the best in smart connected environments.
Askey has been the preferred partner for communications providers, major Telecom Operators and Consumer Product Providers worldwide. By keeping the pulse on the latest technologies, while placing the customer experience at the heart of our solution development, Askey has developed groundbreaking innovations and deployed state-of-the-art Netcom solutions such as V2X, Wi-Fi, IoT, Smart Home, Smart Transportation and Smart City. Askey is the very first provider shipping residential 5G solutions to leading telcos. From idea, to manufacturing, to deployment, Askey is your trusted partner.

Askey Computer Corp. is one member of ASUS Group and is based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. To learn more: Askey Official Website

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