Askey Joins the Portable 5G Private Network Solution of Chunghwa Telecom

Taipei, June 29, 2022 – Askey, a member of ASUSTek Computer, announced that Chunghwa Telecom joined hands with us, Nokia, Ericsson, HPE, iNNOTRUST (iTC) and other major manufacturers of network communications and equipment to jointly launch the "Portable 5G Private Network Solution". Askey provides 5G sub-6GHz small cell, featured with all-in-one portable compact chassis, built-in 5G baseband, radio and antenna, very easy to install. Equipped with 5G network, base station and satellite transmission equipment from other alliances, this solution achieves a truly portable 5G private network connected wherever and whenever, fulfilling carrier-grade high coverage network.

The solution integrates Chunghwa Telecom's self-developed 5G intelligent tube + edge computing technology and EyeSee network management system, which provide voice and data services that support both local intranet and Chunghwa Telecom commercial networks. It not only has excellent compatibility supported by non-standalone networking (NSA) and standalone networking (SA) architectures, but also maintains the flexible scalability, upgrade and deployment space of each network device. Thanks to Askey’s 5G small cell, it meets the various application requirements of diverse scenarios, such as indoor intelligent manufacturing or outdoor smart light poles, and regional AI networking to urban smart applications. As Chih-Cheng Chieh, general manager of Chunghwa Telecom Network Technology Branch, said: "Under these new alliances collaboration, it is easier to expand a 5G broader vertical application domain; meanwhile, it creates a new pattern of 5G enterprise private network applications." 

Robert Lin, CEO of Askey indicated that "The portable 5G private network solution launched by Chunghwa Telecom recently adopts our 5G sub-6GHz small cell and other equipment, which provide a simple architecture and easy installation for the wireless access network (RAN), fully demonstrating the compatibility and support of this small cell in this solution." At the same time, this 5G private network greatly expands the scope of the application scenarios, and fulfills emergency support for real-time interaction in abnormal communication caused by major disasters, strengthening and improving the communication resourceful response of the 5G private network.