Askey Delivers Three Innovative Solutions at CES 2024



LAS VEGAS, Jan. 19, 2024 - Askey Computer, a leading telecommunication network company, will be exhibiting at CES 2024 in Las Vegas from 9 January to 12 January, 2024. Askey will showcase its core applications, recognized for solving client pain points and meeting market needs in the networking domain. There are three highlights, including Wi-Fi 7 wireless broadband solutions, 5G private network solutions, and in-vehicle network solutions with the latest in-vehicle system, leveraging previous achievements to set new milestones.


In response to the new ear of competitive broadband technology, Askey will exhibit all-inclusive Wi-Fi 7 solutions for carriers, such as multi-band mesh Wi-Fi 7 router, extender, xPON gateway, etc. By integrating various communication technologies and flexible device combinations, Askey will provide lightning-fast, free of dead zone whole-house network coverage for unparalleled AR/VR video streaming and gaming fluency.


Askey indicates that it has successfully integrated a set of highly efficient, stable and cost-effective 5G private network solutions by leveraging its expertise for over decades. Through its self-developed 5G FWA CPE, Small Cell, and IoT products, the solutions connect with a wide range of IoT devices, collect massive data for analysis, and then generate smart applications to help enterprises significantly improve their operational efficiency, save costs, and activate their digital transformation. By introducing Askey’s 5G private network solutions, ASUS’s Shulin factory has integrated its smart warehousing and AOI smart testing system to increase first-pass yield and pass rates by more than 20%, while ADLINK has saved labor costs by more than 50% combining with its 5GC/MEC servers and FARobot AMR. With built-in passwordless login system, the solutions prevent hackers from stealing passwords. By real-time detecting abnormal system traffic, these high-intensity security solutions create a high-security network that enterprises can trust with zero-trust security.  


With the rapid development of vehicle intelligent driving system technology, Askey has also developed a series of vehicle networking solutions, such as the new sensor-connected gateway TGU, which changes the dynamic integration of vehicle sensors by seamlessly connecting wireless and wired. It connects up to 24 – 48 BLE-enabled devices, which not only simplifies the management and transmission of vehicle data, but also provides wireless functionality with superb efficiency. Moreover, the iDVR intelligent Dashcam is capable to do 4G/LTE connectivity, emergency connectivity and real-time video streaming. It is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for lane departure detection, stop and go, and forward collision voice reminder. Also, automatically recording video in the event of a collision and uploads to the cloud system for collision analysis provide a safe and handy driving experience for the drivers and passengers.  


Come to explore Askey’s innovations at Booth #6410, Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) West Hall (Vehicle Tech), Las Vegas.