Joint Statement



Askey Computer Corp. (hereinafter referred to as Askey) and the Affiliated Union of ASUS Computer Inc., as well as the Labor Union of Askey (hereinafter referred to as the Union), jointly declare:


After multiple rounds of communication and negotiation between Askey and the Union, both parties have reached a consensus and formally signed an agreement to collectively pursue corporate social responsibility and enhance the well-being of migrant workers. Both parties unanimously acknowledge that ensuring a safe, dignified, and respectful working environment for migrant workers, while adhering to ethical business standards, are our same goals.


To achieve these objectives, Askey commits to investing several tens of millions of Taiwan dollars to ensure that our colleagues enjoy a better working environment and appropriate treatment. Askey will strive to adhere to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) standards, demonstrating our commitment to human rights, environmental responsibility, ethics, and more.


We extend special thanks to the Labor Relations Division, Ministry of Labor, for their support and facilitation throughout the coordination process. This agreement not only marks the beginning of cooperation between the two parties but also represents a solid step towards the joint pursuit of corporate social responsibility. Askey looks forward to working hand in hand with the Union to create a better and more welfare-oriented working environment, establish a human-centered corporate value system, and realize the concept of sustainable development.




Askey Computer Corp.

Affiliated Union of ASUS Computer Inc.

Labor Union of Askey Computer Corp.


November 29, 2023