Askey Digitally Upgraded Shoushan Zoo with New 5G Technology



Kaohsiung, Nov. 14, 2023 - Askey held a press conference for the launch of "Explore the New World of Shoushan with 5G Technology" at Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung. Askey joined hands with Kaohsiung City Government to build "5G Zoo Open Platform" in Shoushan Zoo under the support of A+ Enterprise Innovation and R&D Hardening Program from Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, to promote the digital upgrading of Shoushan Zoo through the integration of 5G private network and indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi 6 technology.


Askey has been fully engaged in the development of smart cities, especially focusing on business promotion in the Greater South region of Taiwan. Since last year, the Company has stationed into the 5G AIoT Innovation Park in Kaohsiung, aiming at vertical expansion and actively participating in Kaohsiung City's construction projects.


Taking Shoushan Zoo as the site, Askey is taking the lead in integrating 5G high-speed private network architecture to create a 5G Smart Zoo by utilizing AR, 4K/8K live video streaming, and so on. It includes outdoor navigation in the Zoo, LBS (Location-Based Service) for animal stars, specially designed Shoushan Zoo APP puzzle games, live streaming of animals through Cloud Tour, and AR glasses for viewing virtual animal online coloring. In addition to taking photos with virtual animal stars, visitors also participate in a variety of knowledge-based interactive games, allowing technology to be fully integrated into the fun and educational activities, providing visitors with a different experience of the Zoo.


Leveraging more than 30 years of experience in Netcom and network architecture solutions, Askey and its alliances have built a stable 5G ultra-high-speed, large-bandwidth network architecture in the Zoo. By utilizing Askey’s self-developed 5G SA N78 small cells, Wi-Fi 6 integrated APs, CPEs, and network management system (AMP/EMP) on-site to realize 5G full-scope smart applications, and develop a variety of interactive ways for visitors. The diverse interaction ways will bring a new vision to Shoushan Zoo and provide a new place for leisure and education in Kaohsiung. We sincerely welcome all to come and experience it!