Askey Joins the “Accelerating Local 5G Application Case Project”



Askey Joins the “Accelerating Local 5G Application Case Project”

~In alliance with 18 domestic and foreign communication equipment suppliers in total~



Tokyo, November 6, 2023 – Askey will participate in the “Accelerating Local 5G Application Cases Project” led by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation, focusing on reducing the cost of Local 5G equipment and expanding the ubiquity of the use of Local 5G by connecting various devices from different suppliers for diverse scenarios. Through the application results of this project, we will accelerate the introduction of Local 5G into various scenarios, promote industrial digital transformation, and contribute to solving regional issues.

1.  Background and Purpose of Collaboration

Recently, Local 5G infrastructure has been accelerating in digital transformation to build wireless environments according to the needs of each region and company, and has attracted attention because of 5G's features such as "stable high-capacity communication" and " customization for faster uploading ".

The Local 5G systems include the 5G core network, which serves as the authentication of the terminal devices and network control and management, and the RAN, which performs the wireless control of the air waves. In general, the network architect is usually deployed by the same supplier; therefore, if various devices from different suppliers to be connected smoothly, the connection parameters between the 5G core network and the cell sites need to be tuned in order to test each other from different suppliers. As a result, the use of inter-supplier equipment to build a Local 5G system has been very limited so far.

In order to promote the implementation of Local 5G, we reduce the cost of network deployment through the combination of equipment of the optimal specifications, and integrate equipment with different communication needs for various scenarios such as factory manufacturing and distribution warehouses to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients. Meanwhile, it is found that in a hybrid equipment environment, clients are increasingly demanding for even higher quality communications.

To this end, we have been joining hands with 18 domestic and foreign communication equipment suppliers in total to promote the development of Local 5G equipment for Internet of Things (IoT). By adjusting the experimental data based on the parameters of the Local 5G equipment, it can achieve the goals of reducing system costs, improving applicability, and further expanding the use of Local 5G for everyday applications.

2.  Collaboration Outline

Through this project, we expect to promote the popularization and expansion of Local 5G by joint verification by various vendors focusing on the following two points:

1)     To reduce the cost of Local 5G equipment, we will test and integrate 5G core networks, cell sites, and communication terminals from various communication equipment suppliers through interconnection. At the same time, we will clearly list the challenges that occur in different scenarios, such as interconnection and real-time image transmission, and will organize failed cases as applied knowledge for future implementation.

2)     We prepare various communication terminals and applications (high-definition real-time video communication, uninterruptible robotic operations, and other important communication technologies) and clearly document the optimal parameters for the quality of the diverse communication devices in various environments, aiming to utilize RIC and ensure that parameter control is performed automatically even when the environment changes due to changes in factory or distribution warehouse construction, so the communication quality of autonomy and automation is still satisfactory for each application, continuing to provide a high-quality Local 5G communication environment.

                                                                                                                                     Picture: Application Scenarios

3.  Future Plans

This year, we plan to conduct joint experiments with our project alliances, share our results around the world, and expand the application results by adding new alliances such as application providers.

We expect through the results of this project and related activities, it will accelerate the implementation of Local 5G, promote the digital transformation in the industry, and address the pain points of society.