Askey exhibited “Your Smart City Partner” in 2021 Smart City Exposition

Taipei, April 1, 2021. Askey participated in the 2021 Smart City Summit & Expo from 3/23 to 3/26 at Nangang Exhibition Hall II. As focusing on the applications of Smart Transportation, Smart Park and Civil IoT, the Company demonstrated various solutions such as AIoT, 5G C-V2X, and the innovative application demands from smart city of public sectors and enterprise private networks.  

Askey VIP

Actively Testing Autonomous Vehicles before Applying to the Rural and Urban Areas
Since Askey has evolved the Vehicle Telematics interfaces for five years including Telematics Box, Onboard Unit, Roadside Unit, and so forth, it has become a provider of telematics module market. The Company did not only pass the Certification IATF16949 of Quality Management System and ISO26262 of Functional Safety, but also joined the 2019 5G-Automotive Association’s prospective planning for 5G Smart Transportation applications. By collaboration with National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), and Tainan City Government to perform the dynamic validation of autonomous vehicles in Zuojhen District, the Company fulfills the real-time connection service for backend data exchange, and road & driving diagnostics. This system will assist rural Shuttle Taxi Service’s remote fleet management and security control mechanism to meet the travelers’ need of bus. By applied the system to many places and different official vehicles and mass transportation, it will fulfill the vision of Mobility as a Service.   

Askey Booth inside

IoT Evolves Local Economic Development by Smart Park and Network Communication
To various smart buildings and domains such as airports, stations, buildings, exhibition halls, schools and office buildings, etc., Askey utilizes its extraordinary 5G/Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure Netcom expertise and Bluetooth Mesh technology with being cultivated for decades, and Content Management Platform (CMP) to provide users with immersive service experience. The Company collaborates actively with local governments for smart city projects to promote economic development, integrate its resource, and provide innovative services with regional characteristics. 

Askey Smart City Demo

Askey Builds & Maintains a Civil IoT Network as well as Custom Private Networks upon Request
Askey has evolved medium- and large-domains services including smart manufacturing private network, Civil IoT network, etc. It lowers the threshold of enterprise digital transformation by setting up the independent enterprise private network system with Array Networks Management Platform (AMP). Moreover, the Company actively deploys 5G cross-domain ecosystem vertical integration with various IT and OT solutions providers to develop specific solutions for public sectors or enterprise private networks. By providing innovate diversified product lines and participating in the demonstration domains promoted by the governments, Askey presents its extraordinary networking and management capabilities.