Askey Announcement for Pandemic Prevention
Due to the pandemic status in Taoyuan metropolitan, Askey acts to enhance the measures and responses of Covid-19 prevention as follows:
  1. To implement workplaces’ hygiene, Askey initiates to comprehensively sterilize for Zhonghe, Yangmei Dist., Zhubei City, and Taoyuan workplaces and manufacturing sites on 22 Jan. (Sat) and 23 Jan. 2022 (Sun).
  2. From 24 Jan. (Mon), Askey follows the Level 3 pandemic alert measures by shift-work and decline the visitors to decrease the unnecessary contact or movement.
  3. All Askey staff shall take precautions with the most serious manner at home or outdoor including to keep the social distance, wear a mask all the time, wash hands from time to time, and sterilize with alcohol. Do not enter public areas and take mass transportation if not necessary.
  4. Askey Taoyuan manufacturing sites have been completely disinfected and all staff have completed PCR testing. We are actively to work with the Government for pandemic and spreading prevention. The Company Pandemic Prevention Committee cooperates with the Government and relevant units to response immediately and by rolling adjustments.
Under such a rigid timing, all Askey staff shall be aware of self-safety with serious manners to take any precautions. If there is any pandemic prevention issue or confirmed case reporting, please contact our medical center. Together, we will fight the pandemic.
Askey Pandemic Prevention Committee