DSL+LTE Bonding Internet Booster

The Askey DSL+LTE Bonding Internet Booster is the ideal solution allowing to offer high-speed Internet to copper- line customers.

Jointly developed with Swisscom Innovations, it combines the LTE network and the available DSL connection to form one powerful connection.

Thanks to MultiPath TCP, one session is built and the use of LTE is defined by rules that best suit the conditions (e.g. overflow) or the customer needs (e.g. streaming, upload...).

Consisting of one indoor and one outdoor unit, the Internet Booster is easy to self-install.

What makes it really unique?

• The outdoor unit has outstanding reception - not only because it is outside, but most remarkably thanks the special antenna patented by Swisscom Innovations. This antenna captures the LTE signal and transforms it into a powerful connection - no matter its original strength.

• The use of Gecko Tape makes it easy to affix and remove both units – as many times as required - from windows. • The indoor unit’s 4x4 802.11ac establishes a wireless connection to the gateway and ensures optimal coverage.

Cost effective and smart, the Askey DSL+LTE Bonding Internet Booster is what you need to offer hassle-free High Speed Internet to all your customers.