The Askey 5G NR CPE is the ideal solution combining ultimate performance and revolutionary high-speed 5G technology to boost your Radio Access Network.


It offers flexibility and supports 5G NR and 4G LTE – up to Cat 20 - in order to enjoy high performance gigabit internet while preparing for the transition to 5G technology.


What makes it really unique?

• The device has outstanding reception of 5G mmWave signal (39GHz and 28GHz), which makes it ideal for Radio Access Network field trial device.

• The reception of Sub 6 5G NR enables carriers to prepare a smooth transition from 4G to 5G.

• The included battery provides flexibility and comfort of use. It can be easily charged on the go.


Groundbreaking and performant, the Askey 5G NR CPE is what you need to offer hassle-free High Speed Internet
to all customers looking for a smooth and seamless digital experience with faster data speed and lower latency.