Component Reliability Analysis Lab

Test Items

Battery Safety Test – Simulates situations that may occur in daily handling, warehousing, transportation, in order to verify battery safety. This includes a short test, nail test, low pressure test, crush test and impact test.

Battery Lifecycle Test – Simulates the battery capacity performance and estimates the battery work life.

High Temperature Operation Life Test – Determines the lifetime of devices under electric biasing and high temperature by simulating the devices’ operating conditions in an accelerated way.

Temperature Operation Life Test – Verifies the quality and reliability of devices under the condition of low temperature and electric biasing.

Temperature and Humidity Test – Evaluates the reliability of non-hermetic packaged devices in humid environments.

Temperature Cycling – Determines the ability of components and solder interconnects to withstand mechanical stresses induced by alternating high- and low-temperature extremes.

Pressure Cooker Test – Subjects samples to a condensing, highly humid atmosphere under pressure to force moisture into the package to uncover weaknesses such as delamination and metallization corrosion.

Thermal Shock Test – Exposes the specimen to rapid changes of air temperature by alternating exposure to low temperature and to high temperature.

Mating And Unmating Force Test – Determines the forces required to insert and extract connectors.


High-accuracy Battery Tester

Low Pressure Testing Chamber

Auto Insert/Extract Force Test Machine

Plug Test Machine