Component Analysis Lab

Test Items

RF analysis – Test network reflection characteristics and transmission characteristics of antennae, Wireless modules and PCBA.

Optical Microscope Inspection – Inspects the appearance and dimensions of devices and housing.

3D X-RAY inspection – Inspects the inner structure defects of components - voids, foreign materials, cracks, etc.

Scanning Acoustic Microscope inspection – Inspects the package defects at the internal boundaries of components – e.g. de-lamination, voids, bubbles, die cracks, etc.

I-V Curve Analysis – Inspects device electrical failures such as open, short and leakage.

Semiconductor Discrete Device Parametric Analysis – Measures the electrical characteristics of semiconductor devices.

LED Test – Measures the parameters such as spectrum power distributing, colour temperature, colour display exponent, wavelength, etc.

LCD /LCM Test – Measures parameters such as the viewing angle, colour gamut, grayscale, response time, luminance uniformity, chromaticity coordinates,etc.

Photo-electrical Characteristics Test – Measures parameters such as centre wavelength, spectral width, mean launched power, sensitivity, maximum average received optical power, BER , etc.

Image Quality Test – Check image quality factors of camera-equipped mobile devices: resolution, distortion, color accuracy, noise, white balance, Lateral chromatic aberration and dynamic range.


Optical Microscope

3D X-ray

Scanning Acoustic Microscope

Auto Curve Tracer

RF Network Analyzer

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Bit Error Ratio Tester

Optical Power Meter/Optical Attenuators

De-capsulation System

Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Spectrum

Imatest Image Sensor