Dual LTE Small Cell

For the Mobile Network Operator, this Small Cell not only extends the coverage, and increases the capacity, it also offloads heavy data traffic occurring at core network. Furthermore, the coverage is improved by filling gaps with Small Cells in cost-effective power adaptation to eliminate loss of signal through buildings. The capacity is improved by reduction in the number of phones originally having to use macro cells. The result is an evident improvement on user experience.

The carrier aggregation feature in the SFE306X will deliver high speed rate for the users to access the Internet.


Small Cell Mode

  • Band: LTE FDD B1/B3 or B1/B7
  • Carrier Aggregation: 2 x CA
  • Antenna: 2 x Internal Omni Antennas
  • Diversity: 2T x 2R MIMO
  • LTE-Uu: 3GPP R10
  • S1: 3GPP R11
  • X2: 3GPP R11
  • O&M: BF TR-069, TR-181, TR-196v2
  • Active Users: up to 64 users
  • VoLTE & ViLTE


  • Networking: IPSec Tunnel
  • OTA: LTE SNOW/AES Encryption Engines
  • Secure Boot: Qualcomm TPM


  • Small to Macro: Intra-LTE Hand-out (over S1/X2), Inter-RAT; Hand-out to UMTS or GSM
  • Small to Small: Intra-LTE Handover, Secure X2 Handover w/o SecGW
  • Macro to Small: Intra-LTE Hand-in, Inter-RAT Hand-in from UMTS or GSM


  • Dimensions (W/H/D; mm): 220 x 203 x 38
  • Power Consumption: < 24W
  • LED: Power, Status, Service
  • I/O Port: 1 x WAN & 1 x LAN GE RJ-45 Ports
  • Operation Temperature: 0º C – 40º C
  • Installation: Stand/Wall Mount
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